Maureen Leaf Anklet





It is said that every piece of jewelry tells a story without saying even a single word and what better way to show your style than to wear something that is unique and excellent in every sense of the word.

The Maureen Leaf Anklet courtesy of Bling n Bangle is a perfect marriage between beautiful craftsmanship and elegant design. This accessory is what most women would wear to the beach or to a day out where their worries would be the last thing on their mind. The length of the anklet chain is 7.87in which can be adjusted to fit.

The entire chain is made from Zinc Alloy which gives a clean and polished look to anklet as a whole. Featuring a thick statement chain and five pieces of leaves attached to it, the chain itself is fashion that you can wear for your everyday use.

Trendy and Stylish
Perfect for the summer season
Type – Anklet
Weight – 3.7g
Color – Silver
Material – Zinc Alloy
Lead & Nickel Free


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